It’s always lovely to make a little extra effort with a seasonal cordial for a gathering. It’s surprisingly easy and tends to gather a few gasps from the crowd – so well worth the matter of minutes it takes… This one is great as its essentially a ‘use up’ from the Candied Amalfi Lemon and Rhubarb Ribbons recipe. Nothing goes to waste in this recipe either as the leftover poached fruit compote can be served over granola, yogurt, porridge or used a base for a crumble. Or, just spoon it over vanilla ice cream with a few toasted nuts – heaven!


Reserved leftover simple syrup, from the Candied Amalfi Lemons and Rhubarb Ribbons (or a syrup made from 1 cup of water and 1 cup of caster sugar melted together in a pan)

2 stems forced rhubarb

Reserved lemon juice and pulp, from the Candied Amalfi Lemons (or the juice of two whole lemons)


Large saucepan


Sterilised bottle


  • Roughly chop one of the rhubarb stems and place it into the pan of leftover simple syrup and bring to the boil, gently simmering for around five minutes until the fruit starts to break down and give off its beautiful colour
  • Allow to cool and then strain through a fine sieve to extract the now pale pink syrup, squeezing the rhubarb with the back of a spoon to extract as much flavour as you can (reserve this compote for later)
  • Squeeze the fresh juice from the reserved Amalfi lemon pulp (or two fresh lemons) into the rhubarb syrup, stir, taste for balance of flavour adjusting with more lemon juice of needed
  • Store in a sterilised bottle, although it will last quite happily in a sealed container in the fridge for a few days 
  • To serve, cut the remaining fresh rhubarb pieces into angled shards with some parred lemon skin if you like and place both in a glass with ice cubes and a little of the pink cordial and top up with sparkling water – great as a refreshing mixer with gin too! 


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