One to One and Group Lessons

Cook Folk one to one lessons with Louisa offer an entirely bespoke experience tailor made to your individual needs. Louisa specialises in building kitchen confidence and helping you to learn to cook without relying on recipes – creating a toolbox that helps eliminate mid week ‘fridge fear’, finding creative ways with ingredients for all diets, including those with restricted diets and those hoping to move towards more plant based eating habits. However, all eating styles and aspirations are welcome and accommodated.

Louisa’s style of cookery and teaching relies on working closely with you and really listening to what you need, focusing on small manageable tweaks to existing routines and cooking styles for outcomes that are fun, achievable and realistic.

Lessons tend to take place in your home, but can also be arranged online via Zoom if you prefer.

Kitchen Edit

Private sessions in your own home usually begin with a Kitchen Edit to help you kickstart your new relationship with your kitchen and set the foundations for cooking in a new way. For this Louisa will come to your home and help you pull out and review all your culinary items, streamlining your cupboards and cooking areas and making recommendations for how your space might be used better.

Advice is given on the best kitchen equipment and store cupboard essentials needed to get your kitchen up and running – all with the aim to organise and make your space work better for you so it feels like a more joyful space in which to cook.

This is not designed to be a big change in terms of your staples and how you cook in your home, it’s just to improve the flow of cooking and make the essentials easier to lay your hands on!

The Kitchen Edit also includes a cooking session which leaves you with a ‘kitchen toolkit’ – consisting of delicious, nutritious, simple and time saving staples for your fridge, freezer and store cupboard, to see you through the week and beyond.

A half day cooking session, tailored to your personal needs, dedicated to renewing your relationship with cooking and reinvigorating your desire to create delicious meals, all in your own home.

One to one and group courses by Cook Folk<br />

One to One and Group Courses

For those who want to build on the initial Kitchen Edit and really begin to kickstart their confidence to cook with happiness and freedom, Louisa offers individual Cookery Courses.

Tailor-made to your individual needs you will learn to cook without relying on recipes – creating a food toolbox that helps eliminate mid-week ‘fridge fear’, finding creative ways with ingredients for all types, including those with restricted diets and those hoping to move towards more plant-based eating habits. All eating styles and aspirations are welcome and can be accommodated.

Each session builds on your skills, cementing a sense of kitchen confidence that will last you a lifetime. As with the Kitchen Edit, each session is tailor-made to your specific needs and aspirations and as it’s in your own home everything you cook is yours to enjoy and experiment with afterwards.

Once any restrictions in your/your familys’ diet have been identified, taking your preferences and aspirations into account, Louisa will work with you to design a course, specific to your needs,.

Creative cookery sessions require no note-taking;  all notes for recipes are given to you at the end of the day. This allows for complete immersion for you to just cook and enjoy the experience .

Cook Folk aims to build confidence in the kitchen and all courses are tailored to each individual’s ability, preferences and style, designed to create a raft of delicious, healthy dishes all in your own home.

Sessions are usually taken 2-4 weeks apart, and all take place during the day, allowing you to create something fabulous of your own to feed yourself, family and friends that evening.

Courses are a minimum of 4 half day sessions and start with a kitchen edit; 

One to one and group courses<br />

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