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Cook Folk Vegan Masterclass<br />

Vegan Masterclass

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This Vegan workshop was first run early February 2020 as a private session and I have taken excerpts from it to create an online version with bags of recipes, hints, tips and advice on creating delicious vegan dishes at home.

Have a read about how the event went here and here.

The ‘Learn to Love’ series is dedicated to helping you fall in love with food and cooking no matter the restrictions.

Look out for new masterclasses in the series including;

Low sugar    
Low carb    
Low calorie  
Gluten free
Fussy Eaters Family Eating       
Cooking on a Budget
FODMAP Friendly  XXX.

Cook Folk - Low Sugar Masterclass<br />

Low Sugar Masterclass

Second in Cook Folk’s Learn to Love series the Low Sugar workshop will show you how to use whole foods to add sweetness to your life, creating balance and addressing cravings with simple natural ingredients.

 “Wow! Thank you Cook Folk for such an informative and fun vegan cooking masterclass! Am not a vegan but am vegan curious, wanted to learn not to be scared of lentils! Louisa from Cook Folk nails a 90 minute master class! If you are even a little vegan curious I definitely recommend her classes!”

Amy Roberton, Acton

The masterclasses will all be £25 each and downloads of each will be available for £20 on the website, which you can pick up and watch anytime should you not be able to attend the live masterclass.

Having now had three lessons with Louisa, our home cooked meals have been transformed – my family are eating better than ever. Louisa is a great cook, great teacher and delight to be with whilst you hone your culinary skills – I can't recommend her enough.

James Lohan, Founder, Mr & Mrs Smith

Having a couple of lessons with Louisa has literally been life changing! I can now cook delicious, healthy meals and find entertaining super easy rather than before when I never knew what to cook– I would definitely recommend a few sessions with her - my fridge and freezer are now always full with yummy things, and no longer does it get to lunch and I am stuck for what to cook. She is AMAZING – it was the one of the best Christmas presents I have ever had.

Emmie Faust, Feel Good Marketing, W3

I really enjoyed our few hours together it was a really lovely relaxed experience. Along with your amazing endless knowledge and tips, I also loved your enthusiasm, which was contagious.

Sonya Matthews, W3

Louisa spent two hours with me in my kitchen teaching me how to create a larder and a fridge that work to support recipe-free and hassle-free cooking for a busy life. She used the time to showcase foundational cooking skills so that I had a variety of dishes that I would be able to recreate with my own style over the weeks to come. I’m excited to check out the spice blends she recommended and to continue to make simple food more easily.

Jo Sumner, Jo Sumner Wellbeing

Louisa gave me permission to try without embarrassment or fear of failure…lesson notes, which included how to create a fridge and pantry toolkit, where to shop, which oil to use, what pulses should be soaked, how to make a dressing and a myriad of ingredient combination suggestions. I am indebted to her.

Sophie Clowes, City Kids